Application information

Application form

Please contact the Accreditation Unit for the current version of the application form.

Accreditation guidance material

The Accreditation Committee recently updated the accreditation guidance material it developed to help education providers prepare the application for accreditation assessment.

The Accreditation Committee will review the guidance document and welcomes feedback from users, particularly education providers, about whether it is clear, easy to use and helpful. The Accreditation Committee may make further updates to the document based on that feedback. If the Accreditation Committee makes further updates, the document will clearly identify the date changes have been made and a new version number.

Accreditation process

The Accreditation Committee recently updated the Accreditation Process to reflect modifications to the process.

As required by section 45 of the National Law, the Accreditation Committee has published its accreditation process.

The Accreditation Committee undertook wide ranging stakeholder consultation about its accreditation process and will continue to seek feedback from users.

Accreditation fees

Education providers pay two types of accreditation fees - accreditation assessment fees and annual accreditation fees.

The Accreditation Committee sets these fees on a cost recovery basis. “Cost recovery basis” refers to recovery of some of the costs to deliver the accreditation function including the cost of the Accreditation Committee’s ongoing operations (direct costs and AHPRA support) as well as the direct costs associated with accreditation assessments and standard annual monitoring activities.

The fees are reviewed on a regular basis and may change from time to time.

The document below provides information about the current accreditation fees for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practice:

Page reviewed 13/07/2018