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You will be required to pay a registration fee and, if you are applying for registration for the first time, you will also required to pay an application fee.

An application fee is a one off fee to cover the administrative costs associated with processing a new application, including carrying out things like criminal history checks.

A registration fee is an annual fee that provides you with registration for your profession for that year.

To view details of the full fee schedule, which includes renewal fees, different fees for different categories of registration and fees for administrative processes i.e change of name, please go to the Board’s website.

Please note that if you are required to apply for an international history check from an approved supplier, you will be responsible for the cost of the check. For more information, please refer to the International criminal history checks page on the AHPRA website.

Fees are tax deductible and GST free.

Board fees reflect the requirements of building and maintaining an effective regulatory system that protects the public and guides the profession. Importantly, there is no cross-subsidisation in the National Scheme so registration fees paid by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health practitioners fund only the regulation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health practice.

Costs which have to be met include:

  • setting up or reviewing registration standards
  • developing National Board policies
  • legal fees and tribunals related to managing notifications
  • managing registration, notification and customer service systems and
  • implementation.

No. The registration fee is an annual registration fee and not a fee for service. Everyone must pay the full fee at the same time every year. It is tax deductable and it is GST free.

The Board has agreed that the approved qualification for registration is a Certificate IV in Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care (Practice), or equivalent. A list of approved programs/courses that lead to registration as an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practitioner is available on this website.

You must also meet all the Board’s other requirements for suitability for registration. In determining if you are a suitable person for registration, the Board will consider the following issues:

  • any impairment that would detrimentally affect your capacity to practice
  • criminal history (including how long ago the offence was committed, how serious it was and how likely it is that you will commit a similar offence in the future and criminal history in Australia and overseas)
  • any legal proceedings that haven’t been finalised
  • English language competence
  • any current suspension or cancellation of registration in any jurisdiction
  • your recency of practice
  • whether you can demonstrate the required amount of continuing professional development
  • whether you have professional indemnity insurance
  • whether you are a fit and proper person
  • whether you are able to practice competently and safely and
  • any other prescribed requirements including the requirement that all practitioners must be an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person.

New applicants for registration must provide sufficient evidence of their identity. Details are included in the application form.

The list of courses approved by the Board can be found on this website.

The list of approved Certificate IV (Practice) courses is likely to increase over time as more training providers apply to be accredited for the purposes of registration.

You can phone AHPRA and talk to one of the customer service team members. From within Australia call 1300 419 495 between 09:00am – 05:00pm local time.

Page reviewed 8/05/2013