Renewal FAQ for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practitioners

Renewal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practitioner registration

The following frequently asked questions (FAQ) answer questions specific to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practitioners’ registration renewal.

For general information please see the registration renewal page on the Ahpra website.

You are due to renew your registration with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practice Board of Australia (National Board) annually by 30 November.

Look out for a reminder to renew from Ahpra as confirmation that online renewal is open. You will get email reminders several times during the renewal period, so use our online services to check that Ahpra has your current contact details. Be sure to check the national register to confirm your registration details.

For help with your online renewal application you can call or email, Regulatory Advisor on 08 7071 5647 or, Executive Officer on 03 8708 9066.

Page reviewed 4/10/2021