Recency of practice

Recency of practice refers to how recently you have practiced your profession, as well as the nature and extent of that practice.

In accordance with the National Law, the Board may decide that an individual is not a suitable person to hold general registration in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island health practice profession if the nature, extent, period and recency of any previous practice of the profession is not sufficient to meet the Board’s recency of practice registration standard.

When a practitioner renews their registration, he/she must also make a declaration that he/she has met the recency of practice requirements set out in the standard.

The standard applies to everyone applying for initial registration or renewal of registration. It does not apply to students or practitioners who have non-practising registration.

The recency of practice registration standard, and guidelines which provide further explanation, are available on the Board’s website.

Page reviewed 3/01/2020