Professional indemnity insurance

The PII required for registration of health professionals is designed to cover the risks arising from a health practitioner’s provision of health care to a person.

Under the National Law, a registered health practitioner must not practise their profession unless they have appropriate PII arrangements in force. The Board may require a registrant to provide evidence of this. The Professional Indemnity Insurance Arrangement registration standard is available on this website.

It is usual for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health practitioners who are not in private practice to be covered by their employer for professional indemnity insurance arrangements. However, it is the responsibility of the individual registrant to check that appropriate professional indemnity insurance arrangements are in place.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health practitioners to whom this applies may be required by the Board to provide documentation from their employers or education institutions to verify PII insurance arrangements.

No. The PII requirements do not apply to a person granted non-practising registration.

Page reviewed 8/05/2013